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Here is our guide to local food and drink establishments located in the Northeast Los Angeles area, with forays into Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Altadena, East LA and beyond. If you want to get to know our favorite neighborhoods through food, this is the place to start.

 a bloc LA  5025 York Blvd Highland Park  323.739.0351  Family owned, cycling-inspired cafe with the best chocolate chip cookies in the land. Seriously, go try them.
All About Poke 1916 Colorado Blvd Eagle Rock 323.739.6869  
AltaEats 1860 Allen Avenue Altadena 626.794.1162

Meet the real Altadena locals here and enjoy fabulous drinks & food. Come to his wine tasting 2 doors down 5-7 Thursdays—$15 gets you 4 wines (or beer or cocktails depending) and wonderful appetizer samples of what this chef is capable of. or just go to the restaurant—you won’t be disappointed.

Amara Kitchen 519 N Avenue 64 Garvanza 323.255.2220

Gourmet health food but not just vegan, you can have a very tasty Bison ragout. Good coffee and the avocado toast with egg is my favorite.

Antigua Coffee House 3400 N Figueroa St Cypress Park 323.539.2233 N/A

Homegrown business with dedication to the community and delicious coffee! Plus more.

Armon’s 5056 Eagle Rock Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.478.1440

Good solid American breakfast & lunch, along with some Chinese fare. Nice neighborhood atmosphere, lots of regulars.

Barcade 5684 Figueroa Street Highland Park

Belle's Bagels 5022 York Blvd Highland Park 323.739.6336 Real bagels done right. They can sell out pretty quickly!
Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria 2136 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.255.8500 Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a large menu sure to have something for everyone.
BokBok 2146 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock


A chain, but good. Competition to Zankou.

The Bucket 4145 Eagle Rock Blvd. Eagle Rock


Great burgers, here in various forms since 1935.

Bulgarini Gelato 749 E. Altadena Dr. Altadena 626.791.6174

Made the top 15 dishes in LA 12.27.19. Go there for the best gelato outside of Rome and now great pasta dishes, too.

Burgerlords 110 N Avenue 56 Highland Park 323.405.4012 Family owned and operated burger shop, with plenty of vegan options!
Cacao Mexicatessen 1576 Colorado Blvd Eagle Rock 323-478-2791 Smell the made-on-premises tortillas as you enter the doorway and get ready to be transported to Mexico. Specializing in mole, but there is a variety of styles and flavors from all over the country. Take-out, eat-in, and catering. Really yummy huevos rancheros. They now have a full liquor license as well!
Café Beaujolais 1712 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.255.5111 N/A Classic French bistro food, wine & beer. Extremely good, fun, boisterous.
Café de Leche 5000 York Blvd. + 2477 N Lake Highland Park + Altadena 323-551-6828

The groundbreaking coffee house from Highland Park expands to Altadena—check it out!

Carmela's Ice Cream

2495 E. Washington Blvd



Made in Pasadena, sold also in farmer’s markets at Altadena, South pasadena.

Casa Bianca          
Chateau Lemongrass 1952 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.258.8050


Simple, good Vietnamese food with beer and wine served. Featured dishes include banh mi (sandwiches), pho (soup), spring rolls. Inexpensive, fresh, delicious food.

100 N Avenue 50

Highland Park


Good Mexican food

Chifa 4374 Eagle Rock Blvd Eagle Rock 323.561.3084 A family-run operation with a Peruvian-Chinese menu. Great back patio for al fresco dining!
Cindy's Diner 1500 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.257.7375 Vintage style with updated southern fare. Now run by the former-Firefly Bistro chef.
Classic Thai 1708 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.478.0530

Charming atmosphere in a cottage with outdoor seating as well. Prices are moderate and the food is good.

The Coffee Gallery 2029 N. Lake Ave. Altadena 626.398.7917

Neighborhood coffee house with food, in the back is an entertainment venue. Get on their mailing list, they have incredible talent—lots of old folkies, acoustic guitarists, songwriters.

Colombo’s 1833 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.254.9138

Pasta, pizza, steak and the strongest drinks ever. Live jazz every night. A nightclub for everyone.

The Colorado Wine Co. 2305 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.478.1985

Neighborhood wine bar (beer on tap, too).Buy a glass or a case. Adult bar, good soft music, nice staff and clientele.

Dave’s Chillin’ & Grillin’ Pop Up NELA 323.490.0988 Dave is passionate about his sandwiches and he has every reason to be. Fresh, tasty, a bargain!  Now operating as a pop up - check them out at the Fable - and for catering until they get a new space.
Delia's 4501 York Blvd Eagle Rock 323.256.7841    
Eagle Rock Brewery 3056 Roswell St. Glassell Park 323.257.7866 Artisanal beers, the first microbrewery to be licensed in the City of Los Angeles in over 60 years! Beer for the people. Good beer. I like the Revolution, others prefer Manifesto. There's more. There was a big brewhaha (sic) over the name of Eagle Rock for a Brewery in Glassell Park. Get over it and enjoy. Check out the website for a list of all the bars that are pouring this brew--more all the time. Women’s Beer Forum is the 3rd Wednesday of the month.
Eagle Rock Italian Bakery 1726 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.255.8224 Bakery and deli counter with delicious Italian-style cakes, cookies, and sandwiches.
Eagle Rock Kabob 4917 Eagle Rock Blvd Eagle Rock 323.274.4306   Tucked inside a strip mall, this kabob shop is not one to be missed.
Eagle Rock Poke 2152 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.739.6321 Modern Hawaiian poke shop with fusion-inspired seafood options.
Eagles Tacos Varies Eagle Rock     Lalo and Chuy are Eagle Rock staples. They started at Jim's Burgers (now Oinkster), worked at Pete's Blue Chip, and then opened their own taco truck.
Entres Nous

119 W. Green St



The French guys have left Cafe Beaujolais in ER and had a hand in creating this lighter bistro in Old Town Pasadena. The menu is different but still French, lighter, cleaner taste, very tasty!

Eszett 3510 W Sunset Silver Lake 323.522.6323 A beautiful intimate bar and restaurant with experimental and seasonal food and natural wines.
ETA 5630 N Figueroa St Highland Park 323.274.4755 Cocktail bar with oyster platters and rotating food options, plus live music!
Folliero’s  5566 N Figueroa St Highland Park 323.254.0505


Friendly staff, great pizza, CASH ONLY.

Footsie’s 2640 N Figueroa Street Highland Park 323.221.6900  

Dive bar. What else do you need to know, eh?

Four Cafe 2122 1/2 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.550.1988 Fresh salads, sandwiches, desserts, and more made from local, organic ingredients. The menu changes with the season.
Found Coffee 1355 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.206.5154 Bright, open space and fantastic coffee. 

2352 Lake Avenue



Same owners as Cindy’s Eagle Rock. serving breakfast, lunch & dinner, Southern-style menu, really tasty! Beer & wine too!

La Fuente 2256 W. Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.344.3796

Solid Mexican food, full bar, good place to watch sports.

Gloria's Cuisine

230 N Avenue 50

Highland Park


Really good Latin food with a flair.

Green Dragon 1733 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.255.8889

Szechuan Chinese food owned and run by a local family. Really fresh, really good food.

Goldburger 5623 York Blvd Highland Park Grass-fed smash burgers, fries, and pie.
Habitat 3708 Eagle Rock Blvd. Glassell Park 323.739.0222

Friendly busy coffee shop with food. A great addition to Glassell Park. Hard to park near, but worth it.

Hermosillo 5125 York Blvd. Highland Park 323.739.6459 This neighborhood beer and wine bar houses the Highland Park Brewery. Craft beer, bar snacks, entrees, and cheese plates.
Highland Cafe 5010 York Blvd. Highland Park 323.259.1000

Breakfast & lunch, also a full coffee-bar with coffee from Downtown’s Handsome Coffee Roasters.

Hippo 5916 1/2 Figueroa Street Highland Park


 Handmade pastas and dishes with seasonal influences and well-sourced ingredients, plus cocktails, wine, and beer.

5611 Figueroa #1

Highland Park


Texas food: breakfast tacos, queso, brisket.

El Huarache Azteca 5225 York Blvd. Highland Park 323.478.9572   A hotspot for locals and visiting foodies. See if you agree with Jonathan Gold.
Italiano’s 5101 York Blvd. Highland Park 323.255.0016   Pizza. Free delivery with minimum order.
Italiano’s 6500 N. Figueroa Highland Park 323.255.6155   See above.
Jamba Juice 5053 Eagle Rock Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.349.0670 Healthy, quick juiced drinks. This is in a building that was not torn down by the Walgreen’s next door.
Jeff's Table 5900 N Figueroa Street Highland Park 323.381.5553 Semi-hidden shop inside Flask Fine Wines & Whisky, this is a new-school take on classic Jewish deli sandwiches.
Johnny’s Bar 5006 York Blvd. Highland Park 323.551-6959   No food. Eat at the nearby York Pub and stop in here as part of your Highland Park Pub crawl.

5100 York Blvd

Highland Park


Casual regional Taiwanese street food, fresh and seasonal. Very popular. Fast service, delicious  food, also serves beer & wine. Come here for great wonton soup, rice or noodles with pork belly, tofu. 

The Kitchen for Exploring Foods 1434 W. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena 626.793.7234

Offering catering, gourmet take-out & assorted gift items

Kitchen Mouse 5904 Figueroa St. Highland Park 323.259.9555 Many vegan and gluten free options at this charming cafe.
KnowRealityPie 1740 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.434.7925 The Colorado Blvd. location is open on weekends, although she travels around to different events. Follow her on Facebook or her website to see where the pies will show up next!
La Cuevita 5922 N. Figueroa St. Highland Park 323.255.6871 An bar set in the heart of the Highland Park, featuring traditional agave spirits and live music sometimes. Formerly the Little Cave.
little barn coffee house 3329 Division Street Glassell Park 323.612.6000 100% vegan cafe, specializing in vegan buttermilk biscut sandwiches.
Little Beast 1496 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.341.5899 Seasonal modern comfort food in a charming Craftsman bungalow. 
Lemon Poppy 3324 Verdugo Rd. Glassell Park 323.739.0012

Plachinta! Go order some if you don’t know this dish. Plus pastries, breakfast, lunch…Delicious!

Little Flower Candy Company 1424 W. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena 626.304.4800 Adorable spot with a cafe (fantastic quiches) and a store with delicious handmade candies. The best egg salad sandwich I’ve ever had.
Magpies 5049 York Blvd Highland Park A Silverlake soft serve staple with a location now in Highland Park, Magpies has a rotating range of flavors that include dairy-free and vegan options.
Malbec Market 1632 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.274.4504 Authentic Argentinean cuisine, and a great build-your-own salad bar.  Excellent empenadas!
Mariscos Estilo D.F. Truck 4702 N. Figueroa St. at Sycamore Grove Park Highland Park     Blue truck, seafood tostadas, eat in park. Made to order.
Mason's Dumpling Shop 5803 N Figueroa Street Highland Park 323.999.7187 Family owned, serving up fried pork dumplings and xiao long bao.
Max City BBQ 4729 Eagle Rock Blvd Eagle Rock 323.254.4227 Solid BBQ spot with all the classic and great ribs. Also great to pick up for a party!
Meea's 1734 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.258.4850

Many kinds of dogs with a variety of fillings, and a great patio!

El Metate 5305 N. Figueroa St. Highland Park 323.478.8383   Homemade tortillas, cart often in front after dark with huge sizzling fresh meat spit.
Mia Sushi 4741 Eagle Rock Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.256.2562

ER’s first sushi restaurant. Also cooked Japanese items, all good.

Milkfarm 2106 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.892.1068 Perfect place to stop in for a cheese plate, or to get the supplies to build your own at home. Also a great spot for gifts!
Modan 1757 Colorado Blvd Eagle Rock 323.739.0411  
My Taco 6300 York Blvd Highland Park 323.256.2698 N/A

Great tacos, good huevos rancheros,carne asada fries, and classic soup for a cold day!

Nativo 5137 York Blvd Highland Park 323.561.3050 Great backyard hangout with fun cocktails and tasty snacks.
Oinkster 2005 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.257.3892

Slow fast food, real slow, but generally worth it. plus it’s friendly and a real neighborhood gathering spot.

Organix 1731 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.254.0284

Small grocery store with a super vegan deli & juice bar.

Otono 5715 N Figueroa Street Highland Park 323.474.6624 Lovely Spanish restaurant with signature paellas, and a variety of tapas and small bites.
Pat & Lorraine’s 4720 Eagle Rock Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.257.7926   Local breakfast and lunch joint—it closes at 2:30 pm!
Penny Oven 2131 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.739.0091 Fresh and tasty breakfast and lunch spot with a Mediterranean flair.
Penny's Burgers 6300 N Figueroa Street Highland Park 323.254.7223   Corner burger and breakfast burrito spot that's been around since 1969! A great span of comfort food from fries, sandwiches, burgers, to tacos and burritos.
El Pescador 5230 N. Figueroa St. Highland Park 323.255.8164   Excellent lunch spot, with buckets of beer, ceviche, and great chips and salsa.
Pete's Blue Chip 1701 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.478.9022   Another old-school Eagle Rock spot. The Pete's Blue Chip Special burger or Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger are top menu items, along with the chili cheese fries. Cash only, but they have an ATM inside.
Pie 'n' Cone 1958 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.274.4728 Pizzeria with a separate bar, and a perfect patio for hanging out. They also do homemade ice cream!
Polka 4112 Verdugo Road Eagle Rock 323.255.7887

Be very hungry when you eat here—it’s a lot of delicious Polish food.

Purgatory Pizza 1326 E. 1st St. East LA 323.262.5310 New York-style pizza traditional style or hip with peperoni, or goat chees and pesto, or vegan. And Carmela's ice cream which is amazing. Seasonal flavors harvested from local farmer's markets vary daily. We tried cardamom, strawberry sorbet, and cranberry-orange-thyme. Oh yum! Right off the eastside Gold Line.
Ramen of York 5051 York Blvd Highland Park 323.999.7988 Silver Lake Ramen's second location with a near identical menu serving up tonkotsu ramen and rice bowls.
Rosty 5511 N Figueroa St Highland Park 323.568.1220 Traditional Peruvian fare inspired by the owner's mother's restaurants in Lima.
Ruby Bakery 5042 Eagle Rock Blvd Eagle Rock 323.259.9052   An old-school Eagle Rock spot, specializing in cakes. 
Scoops 712 N. Heliotrope Dr. Los Angeles 323.906.2649   Gelato, vegan ice cream & sorbet. You can have a taste of whatever they have available that day. Wild tastes like Jack Daniels & Cream, Blackberries and mango. Worth the drive out of Eagle Rock!
Scoops 5105 York Blvd. Highland Park     New Highland Park location! 
Senor Fish 4803 Eagle Rock Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.257.7167 Great fish tacos and other Mexican food. Good outdoor seating.
Spring Street Smokehouse 640 N. Spring St Downtown 213.626.0535 The LA BBQ Guy is the Truck, and you can follow him on Twitter.
Spitz 2505 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.257.5600 Home of the Doner Kebab: lean meat, chilies, tzatziki, tomatoes & cucumbers in grilled focaccia, sweet potato fries. Good fast food plus gelato! Two Oxy grads went to Europe, loved it, and brought it back to Eagle Rock.
Stoney Point 1450 W. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena 626.449.9715 Classic old-school Italian restaurant with excellent service, the perfect martini, and a piano player some nights!
Swork 2160 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.258.5600 Good coffee, Free—note, Free wireless internet, kid-friendly hangout, a great community hangout, the first of the “cool factor” beginning of Eagle Rock’s commercial core.
The Taco Spot 2005 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.257.4727 Really tasty, fresh Mexican food. Reasonably priced, good service, very convenient.
Tacos El Michoacoano 5933 York Blvd. Highland Park 323.258.0794   Authentic excellent Michoacan made from scratch
Tamales Liliana's 4629 E. Cesar Chavez Ave East LA 323-780-0989   Everyone says have the tamales or the pozole, so that's what we did, and we loved it. Really exceptionally fluffy and yummy tamales. 2 blocks from the Indiana Gold Line stop.
Thai Coconut 1801 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.344.3796 If you’re feeling like you might be coming down with a cold, go have a nice big bowl of Thai noodles, a tall frosty beer and be happy.
Thai Spirit 2617 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.256.1644   Free delivery with minimum order.
Tommy’s Burgers 1717 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock 323.982.1746   Some people in my family love Tommy’s. If you want a heart attack on a bun, you can start here.
Town Pizza 5101 York Blvd. Highland Park 323.344.8696 Stop in for a slice or have a pizza delivered, either way it's great pizza. Step outside your normal pepperoni and try the mole pizza, or The Pig and The Fig.
Triple Beam Pizza 5918 N Figueroa Street Highland Park 323.545.3534 Roman pizzeria with rectangular pieces you can order to size, plus beer and wine.
Two Guys from Italy 405 N. Verdugo Rd. Glendale 323.254.0404 Free delivery with minimum order. I think their pizza rivals that of Casa Bianca, plus they have really good sub-sandwiches.
Verdugo Bar 3408 Verdugo Rd. Glassell Park 323.257.3408 Open 8 pm-2 am. A large selection of custom beers including Crown City Brewery. Art Deco interior. Look for the small “Cocktails” sign or you’ll miss it.
Wolfie's 4939 York Blvd Highland Park 323.739.0209 Plant-based fried hot chicken in the heart of the York Blvd restaurant scene.
The York 5018 York Blvd. Highland Park 323.255.9675 Another of the new bars along York Blvd, part of the renaissance of Highland Park and the birth of the cool. Lots of good beers, good food, good times, and now even open for brunch on the weekends. Even beer from the Craftsman Brewery in Pasadena is served, a major treat.
Zankou Chicken 1415 E. Colorado Blvd. Glendale 818.244.1937 Some of the best fast food in the world. Garlic sauce, hummus, pita bread, rotisserie chicken, shwarma, it’s actually addictive.