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The small, eclectic enclave of Hermon, with its open spaces and affordable homes, is fast becoming one of LA's most sought-after neighborhoods.

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Hermon Dog Park, surrounding neighborhoods, Hermon Park, 100 year old Sycamore trees

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Homes in Hermon are always in demand. The time for selling - or buying - a home in Hermon has never been more ideal. 

The small Los Angeles district of Hermon is a very special community indeed. Located in a half-square-mile area, Hermon might be considered “tiny”. With increased interest in the Northeast Los Angeles real estate that has seen homes in communities like Highland Park and Eagle Rock skyrocket in value, Hermon real estate is now enjoying its own resurgence.

Younger working class and professional couples, attracted to the area but seeking an even quieter and peaceful community, are purchasing the small character homes and remodeling them, contributing to Hermon's long-waited and exciting revival. Once accessible only by a bridge over the Arroyo Seco, Hermon retains a pleasant feeling of isolation from the bustle of the emerging hipster communities to the west.

Established in 1903, Hermon is known for it's open spaces and undeveloped hillsides, with large parks that feature century-old sycamore trees that align the Arroyo Seco Parkway. With it's close proximity to the 110 freeway, downtown LA is only ten minutes away. A small retail and commercial hub is located at the center of town that features an independent market, two restaurants and more.

Also located within Hermon’s boundaries are two public parks, Hermon Park and Ernest E. Debs Regional Park, as well as Hermon Dog Park.

Hermon was founded around the turn of the century and the homes that are being bought and remodeled reflect that era. Small cottages and bungalows built on small lots still dominate the residential community, with a variable mix of Craftsman, Spanish and mid-century homes built during the ensuing years.

When choosing a Hermon real estate agent ... experience matters

Because demand for homes in Hermon is typically high and inventory is typically low, real estate in Hermon has become a seller’s market. Both buyers and sellers, then, are advised to work only with real estate agents who are experienced and intimately familiar with Hermon's real estate market to represent them in the transaction.



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