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Over the past decade real estate in Eagle Rock has become a hot commodity. Young urban professionals, families and artists have been drawn to its beautiful neighborhoods and character homes.

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Eagle Rock

Homes in Eagle Rock are always in demand. The time for selling - or buying - a home in Eagle Rock has never been more ideal. 

Eagle Rock is an artistic, moderately affluent neighborhood in the hills of northeastern Los Angeles, between Glendale and Pasadena. Once an independent city, Eagle Rock was annexed by the City of Los Angeles in 1923. Because it is home to Occidental College, Eagle Rock feels like a small college town that has the benefits of being part of a big city. Its convenient location provides easy access to other parts of the city.

Since the 1920s, Eagle Rock has been home to writers, artists and filmmakers. Even today, a large number of creative industry workers call Eagle Rock home. The community is very supportive of small business, and has an interesting mix of restaurants, art galleries and shops. Residents are known for being involved in the community through various organizations, including The Eagle Rock Association, Women's Twentieth Century Club, the Eagle Rock Historical Society, Collaboration for Eagle Rock Beautiful, and the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.

Eagle Rock's eclectic architecture includes many historic and architecturally significant homes. Occidental College was designed by Myron Hunt in the early 1900s. The Center for the Arts, formerly a Carnegie library, is noted for its mission revival style. The Eagle Rock Recreation Center was designed by architect Richard Neutra in 1953. Many of the community's homes were built in the 1920s, and so there is a large number of Craftsman and Spanish style bungalows in the area. There was another building surge post-World War II, which you can see in some neighborhoods (for example, the block of Mount Helena north of Hill Drive).

When choosing an Eagle Rock real estate agent ... experience matters

Because demand for homes in Eagle Rock is typically high and inventory is typically low, real estate in Eagle Rock has become a seller’s market. Both buyers and sellers, then, are advised to work only with real estate agents who are experienced and intimately familiar with Eagle Rock's real estate market to represent them in the transaction.


Eagle Rock

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tracy 150x175Licensed and certified listing agent Tracy King has achieved President's Circle, Premier and Elite honors in recognition for her performance selling real estate in Eagle Rock. When selling real estate, it makes good sense to hire an agent who posses demonstrable success at selling homes and exceeding expectations in both service and the final sales price. If you are looking to sell - or purchase - a home in Eagle Rock, please call Tracy King today at 323.274.2148.