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A real estate firm with team depth brings several benefits to the buyer. It’s about more than expertise – it’s about a smooth process and quicker closing.

There is no “I” in “team,” right? So do you need a real estate team to put you in your next home?

Well, to be just a bit contrarian the homebuyer needs to prioritize the “I” part, first and foremost, when going through the process of buying a home. This is one of the biggest financial transactions that most people make, so more than just a little bit of self-interest is in order.

But the buyer needs a team working on his or her behalf. That of course includes having an agent to listen to needs and requirements: How many bedrooms, what kind of a property, how location (school districts, proximity to workplaces, etc.) and the less tangible-yet-essential style elements matter a great deal. For example, Eagle Rock homes might be a priority for a buyer interested in schools, but real estate in Highland Park might appeal to someone who plans to take the Metro Gold Line to work downtown. Your agent should help you sort through those considerations and priorities.

But there’s a lot more than property shopping that goes into purchasing a home. The buyer needs several people working for her to make it a smart purchase. That includes office support to schedule showings in ways that are convenient to the buyer’s schedule – and timely so as to not miss a hot new listing before someone else snatches it. A team with an escrow coordinator ensures that all timelines and paperwork necessary during the transaction are completed fully. A successful real estate team also has recommendations for lenders who can perform efficiently in this marketplace.

The real estate team can also help the buyer find contractors, insurance companies and other service providers. If a Realtor represents homes for sale in Glassell Park or Mt. Washington, for example, they probably know local service providers in those same places.

It is possible for a buyer to contract many of these services on his own. But few buyers have the established contacts and time to go through that with confidence.

Also, working with an established team, people who are accustomed to working with each other, brings an easier flow to the work. The trust and familiarity built between each player in the process adds up to optimal terms, faster turnaround and minimal stumbles and barriers. 

Tracy King and her team work almost exclusively in North East Los Angeles, bringing more than 30 years of experience to the advantage of buyers and sellers. When looking to buy or sell a home in Northeast LA – Hermon, Garvanza, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Glassell Park or Mt. Washington – contact her to discuss the dynamics of this increasingly popular part of greater Los Angeles.

tracy 150x175With over 30 years experience in helping clients buy and sell homes in Northeast Los Angeles, Tracy King has a depth of real estate knowledge that makes her the go-to for both the first-time home buyer and the seasoned real estate investor. When she's not holding open houses or negotiating offers, Tracy enjoys wine tasting, cooking, or planning her next trip to Paris. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Northeast Los Angeles, contact the Tracy King Team at 626.827.9795 or