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With its safe, serene and diverse neighborhoods and small town vibe, Burbank real estate offers something for just about everyone.

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Homes in Burbank are always in demand. The time for selling - or buying - a home in Burbank has never been more ideal. 

If you are specifically seeking out homes for sale in Burbank, CA, odds are good that you, or someone in your family, works in the entertainment industry. So many of the city's 100,000 people are in some way connected to the entertainment industry that Burbank has become known as the "Media Capital of the World".

Located just northeast of Hollywood, the world's "Movie Capital", Burbank is considered to be part of the San Fernando Valley, lying on its furthest east end. Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Walt Disney and NBC are all headquartered  - or have production studios - in Burbank. Because of this, Burbank enjoys a healthy and vibrant economy.

Burbank real estate is always a hot commodity, offering residents a safe, quiet community of diverse neighborhoods for professionals and families, not far from the bustle of Los Angeles. Throughout the city, and particularly downtown, there are numerous opportunities for quality entertainment, dining, recreation and shopping. Burbank offers quality public and private schooling. It is home to an airport as well as being convenient to several freeway thoroughfares, including the Golden State Freeway.  For these reasons and more, Burbank offers residents an exceptional quality of life.

In spite of ever-increasing growth and modernization, much of Burbank retains its old fashioned style and charm, featuring serene neighborhoods that give Burbank its small town feel. Burbank is notable for smaller character homes built as early as the 1910s through the 1940s, like classic bungalows, and serene ranch homes. In the hills, custom midcentury and contemporary luxury homes dot highlands and offer spectacular mountain and city views.

Much like the homes that line Burbank's streets, public and private buildings in Burbank are notable for their eclectic architectural styles. Twelve buildings, including the City Hall, Post Office and even the first Bob's Big Boy restaurant, have been designated as important and historic properties deemed worthy of preservation.

When choosing a real estate agent in Burbank, CA ... experience matters

Because Burbank is home to so many urban professionals from the entertainment industry it is a city that is not dramatically affected by the ups and downs of the market. Homes in Burbank are always in demand and it's almost always a seller's market. Those interested in buying or selling homes in Burbank are advised to work only with realtors who are experienced and who are familiar with Burbank's unique market conditions. Such real estate agents are best suited to represent them in the transaction.



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