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Home Buyers

Buy the house. Love your home.

The house matters quite a bit, but factors that make this your home are most important. Tracy King works to help homebuyers find the place they will love.

Buying a home is both a logical and emotional experience. It is about economic values – perhaps the most significant financial decision you will ever make – but also about home, family and sense of place. Your Realtor must understand all sides of you, the buyer, in order for that experience to result in a positive outcome.

Clients of Tracy King from her experience in social work and human psychology in their house hunt. She understands that looking for a home, making buying decisions, the financing and closing processes, and your move-in each carries hopes and fears, dreams and occasional disappointments. The Tracy King Team ensures that every homebuyer receives superb service and advice in four ways:

What a home means

A home is a house, but it’s also how a house works. Is the kitchen a happy place for meals? Will the bedrooms be right for your household? Are the bathrooms good places to start your day, and would the home enable you to enjoy the outdoors? The answers to these questions are complex and meaningful. Your realtor should learn how you define “home” at the start of your search. Tracy King is particularly adept at keeping the buyer in touch with his or her emotions around each of these things.

Where you live matters

Whether you are single, partnered, with or without kids or an empty nester, your home is a base for where you live your life. This includes but goes beyond schools, workplace locations and freeways: where you shop, play, socialize and participate are functions of neighborhood. Tracy King and her team understand how important this is – and how each homebuyer values these things differently.

Smart, efficient ways to look

Technology has made the home buying process easier than ever before. We can search, view and evaluate listings from a computer or handheld device before physically inspecting a property. Yet it is about more than cool apps and tools. It’s about a smoother, more efficient process and better decision-making.

Achieve the right price for today – and tomorrow

With significant disruptions in residential real estate markets over the past several years, establishing fair market values for homes has been challenging (the trending now seems to be upward). But every property has variables that can affect home prices in meaningful ways. The buyer’s priorities, interests, tolerances and long-term plans all factor into the equation – and help identify the price that is right.

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